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Typical Food Of Yogyakarta



Gudeg is special food from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. writer will give to learn to create this food.
Gudeg Jackfruit
 Materials :
 1 old medium yg jackfruit singk , cut to pieces
 12 egg btr braise is intact ( pare its husk if wishing its flavour more diffuse)
 1000 cc irrigate coconut
 8 - 10 greeting leaf lbr
 5 - 8 alpine galanga iris ½ x 8cm yg sliced according to length
 200 demerara gr, smooth iris
 2000 coconut mink cc from 1 coconut item
 Attenuating :
 12 shallot btr
 12 garlic fang
 1 coriander sdt
 2 salt sdm
 Way Of Making :
 Phase I:
1. Because cooking old time butuh it and until its dilution run dry, hence use pan  have thick pallet
2. Arrange greeting leaf close over pan base, arrange also to the alpine galanga slice nya ( besides as penyedap, also function as this cookery pallet in order not to char.
3. Mingle smooth flavour by 500 cc irrigate coconut, swirl to flatten
4. Including to partake to partake young jackfruit cutting, egg braise, demerara, liquefied refinement flavour take bath with coconut water.
5. Enhancing coconut water sufficiently limited to is high of jackfruit + mentioned egg terenda.
6. Pan meeting cover, ripe is above fire  , without opened  its cover even if during about 2 [hour/clock]

 Phase II:
1. After 2 hour see do its water have remained a little, a few/little first its egg and cast aside whereas in order not to fall to pieces
2. Including coconut mink, poke at with wood spoon at the same time break jackfruit cutting ( take care of leaf don't greet and its alpine galanga is upraised . at this phase ofjackfruit volume become its kurleb
3. Reentering its egg until a little a few/little in jackfruit
4. Ripe again with small fire during minimizing 3 [hour/clock]
5. Swirl once in a while until coconut mink

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