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Variate in Garage Floor Paint, Wood Floor Paint & Anti Slip Paint


While buying garage floor paint, wood floor paint, anti slip paint etc. there are various considerations to be kept in the mind. These considerations include the quality, the type of surface to be painted, and many more. Other than these, we also give a deep consideration to the place from where we buy these products. With regard to supplying of quality garage floor paint, wood floor paint as well as anti slip paint in UK, Vuba Supplies is one of the few reliable names. We stock and supply exclusive range of floor paints, wall paints, concrete repair and tarmac repair mortars, grouts and adhesives, variety of joints, screeds, tapes, tiles, GRP, sealers, roof coatings, mats and many more. Painting is a thing that helps in giving the place an all new look. This is a fact true for every place whether it’s your home, hotel, shop, malls, hospitals, and even you garage. Most of us are habitual of ignoring garage painting. This is a small area to cover but we think this won’t make any difference to us. But garage painting is also equally important to other floor paintings.   In this article, I am going to discuss the variety of garage floor paint, wood floor paint and anti slip paint available at Vuba Supplies. First of all, lets us just get an idea about types of garage floor paint. Epoxy floor paint, polyurethane and latex are the most common options used for painting garage floors. Among these, epoxy floor paint is greatly preferred. The reason may its strong bonding with the floor or whichever surface it is applied on. Secondly, it helps to make the surface stain and oil resistant. Although it is very durable material but it is not preferably advisable for use on garage floors that get exposed to sunlight as there are chances of its colour changing to yellow. Other than this, polyurethane garage floor paint is also used by considerable number of people. It has some additional features and that is why it is more preferable than epoxy. Polyurethane is more resistant to stains and oils, & even to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight does not turn it yellow as easily as in case of epoxy. Another type of garage floor paint is latex. It is greatly preferred by more people because its lower costs. Its resistance against oils and stains is also appreciable. But one thing that makes it inferior among the other options is the time it takes to get dry. Once applied, latex garage floor paintcan take upto 72 hours to dry. One cannot certainly be so patient to wait so long. But the choice is entirely yours. You can select one suiting your requirements and budget. Just like this wood floor paint also has several varieties. One should always prefer using anti slip paint for floor painting especially garage floor painting. At Vuba Supplies, we not only stock several varieties of paints but also offer you an installation team on genuine charges. For more details, just visit: http://www.vubasupplies.co.uk/

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