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About Google Adsense Optimization


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Most of the website / webblog can use Google Adsense to earn revenue through advertising. diverse ad price for each click. There are several steps to increase revenues from google adsend, among others:
  1. "Traffic Generation" : Due GoogleAdsense advertising revenue based and CPC (cost-per-click) CPM (cost-per-thousand-impression), the more people visit the websites you the more you earn income from GoogleAdsense.The pick the website / blog aware of this fact so that they use a variety of strategies to generate high traffic to their website. Also called "Traffic Generation". 
  2. "Converting traffic to Clicks" : The best way to increase revenue through Adsense is through a "click" of visitors. How to place an ad, content and color are the most important element in creating a "click". An interesting content will make visitors feel at home for a long time you visit the website and if you apply a good place ads according to the form, content and color, then 99% will occur clicks on the ad. Besides, try advertising You look like the contents of the website so that the greater the likelihood of clicks in fact, can be up to 100% terjadinnya click on the ad.
  3. "Attracting High Value AdSense Ads" In addition to high traffic, you will greatly depend on revenue from ads displayed a value which can be determined from the keyword "keyword", keyword which can display ads with the click price is very expensive. The price of a click in Adsense range between $ 0.4 - $ 7, so if you can display ads with a value above $ 3 and you will be surprised with incomes above you if a website visitor 100/hari, so if wewsite / blog contains some specific keywords then these ads can generate a very high value than others. good luck bro, and do not forget if you managed to treat me .. hehehhe,,

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