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Preparation Before Enlisting Google Adsense.


You have blog or website and interest to become Adsense publisher then get production from Google? just Virtual easy to to register blog to Google Adsend, remain to fill form, delivering and awaiting some times to 3 week, you'd get email in the form of statement do your application is agreed or not.
 Before registering it self, of course we have to draw up several things can fulfill its conditions, following is several things which must be drawn up to become Google Adsense publisher:

  1. Website. Website is to represent especial condition, because later is this website is we will use to put down the Adsense advertisement. To you which not yet had website, please start by making blog, can in,, and still many free web service
  2. Valid of Payee Name.We have to have clear name to enlist Adsense, use name according to ID. Don't use nickname or pseudonym for example the champion, the adventurer, or motherly loan name of state, package haji, or other other name. Cause later, appropriate name of ID to be used to liquefy cheque and accept payment from Adsense. If name of inappropriate you hence don't blame Adsense if your earnings fail you accept it
  3. Valid of Address. Valid of this is Address is very needed by Adsense, because they do not wish cheque payment of adsense later float to the address or irresponsible hand. For that provide your address in such a way the existence of, don't be altered and don't in translating to English. For example your address is Sunflower road;street, hence you don't write your address with Sun Flower Street, or other example of. Remember incomplete address will harm you as earnings receiver as well as Adsense as service.


After us draw up third above matter, hereinafter is how us draw up our blog or website so that accepted to become Adsense publisher. Following is important points as preparation of our website for the Adsense of:

  1.  Valid of URL. We have to provide real correct URL address, may not come from or even counterfeit. Address URL come from for example clear address not yet been made, or counterfeit for example our facebook profile address, because just remain to be that is not our address. If you register URL address like that hence will be refused as soon as. For that assure that address which we register is our, try to type in address bar later;then enter to see it. 
  2. Fully Launched Website. Google do not like and will refuse registrant owning blog or website which still woke up. Its logic, how can one would pay a visit to blog or website which is just woke up, while just publication not yet, there will be no one who is Adsense advertisement clicking later. Or construction under sites which is in repair. Google wish registered by website is really useful and ready made blog or website for the whoever of. Hence from that don't in a hurry, prepare beforehand until really finish and ready for publicized, newly we register to Google Adsense.
  3.  Unique Content. Google very is taking a fancy to of content fill website our original or unique, non rubbing from other website. For that blog or web we have to good for in Google eye, content like what is is good for is the? Of course content teaching kindliness, integrity, Ethics, Science, and other positive. You don't hope to be taken a fancy to by Google if your website contain ugly content like pornography, hardness, provocation, terror, ect. Again, make unique content which is really of original, avoid paste copy action from other website. 
  4. Support Language. Google support some Language for the program of Adsense, among others English, Italian, France, Japan, China, Chine, and is other
 The above is true some preparation we which must do before enlisting to become Adsense publisher. Many Road;Street go to Roma, many way of also in this time to quickly in approve by Adsense. Please study furthermore hit this Adsense, can be direct in its opening sites, help adsend, or in other sites which load article about Google Adsense. Thank you and hopefully succeed.

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