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10 Causes Why Blogs do Not Make Money


why blogs do not make money? There are several factors that become the main drivers of a blog you do not make money. if you doubt the blog can make money? should have a lot of successful bloggers who are always there every time to time. make money from your blog or web is not as easy back palm. There are many factors that are the cause. There are several reasons why blogs are not making money, among others:

1. Too easy to give up. how long you become a blogger? That's the question you should answer. All you know, blogs spectacular success not built overnight. But it took many days and even months until the blogging activities done during this beginning to show results. if you are blogging for 1 month and you do not get what you want to get, naturally.Successful bloggers are always spectacular warrior mentality. They are blogging from day to day and always working to improve achievement. They are always looking for ways to be successful blog. Encountered obstacles and hurdles that will never make it stop blogging. Obstacle is just a test to be more successful blog.

A month is not enough to assess whether your blog bring in enough profit or not. For in the early days that you are still in a period of strengthening the foundations of your blog. You are still in search traffic. You try as much as possible to attract visitors to your blog.

Ideally, at least to evaluate your blog need a year's time. Because in a year that was to be seen your blog achievements. Both of how much traffic that can be achieved up to how much you can make. If a good result, you can improve. But if not, you need to decide to stop or not. If you believe the niche that you choose are interesting and potentially bring in money, please continue. Of course not knowing the cause of the success of your blog and find out the solution. Suppose you could change his theme, you can do increase the quality of writing, and other measures.

2. Working less than the maximum. If you think blogging work relaxed, you are wrong! Blogging takes work seriously and hard work. Your success is difficult if only blogging once a week. But you should be blogging every day. Yes, every day! Blogging is an activity that must be done every day. Not that you should post a new article once a day, but you have to take care of your blog every day. Whether it is writing posts, answering comments, promotions and so on. Just as if you kept the plant. You should pay attention to watering and growing every day. If you only water it once a week is easy to guess if your plants die quickly. Especially at the beginning of planting time. You need extra attention than when the crops were already grown up. Because, at the beginning of the condition of your blog yet sturdy. Not to get enough traffic and certainly not making money. For that you must have to work hard to blogging every day.

3. Topic is not niche. If your blog topic do not have a lot of fans, you may find it difficult to obtain abundant earnings. For auto enthusiasts are also not much of your blog. If you have a product, which was not much buying. If you rely on ads, advertisers would think of dozens and dozens of times before installing it on your blog. Because it should select a topic that sells. Topics of particular interest of fans and advertisers. Topics like "how to make money from internet" so far remains a topic of considerable interest to blogging.

4. not be a good writer. Recognized or not, blogging involves writing a lot. Most of even if I say nearly 90% of blogging is an activity of writing. Such as content writing, answer and fill in the comments, create blogs that sell advertising, and many others. So good writing skills is absolutely fundamental to your ability. Because visitors will just love to blog content useful and well presented. Although the content of your writing might actually be useful, but if presented with compelling without, visitors are also difficult to inhaled by your blog content.

5. Blogging loses focus. Okay, maybe your blogging goal is to generate a lot of money. But keep in mind also the new money could be flowing once you have enough traffic. And new traffic come if you can display the content that suck the reader's attention.

6. Against the rules. Never you break the rules set. Let's say you follow the Adsense program, and you do not fit this form of advertising is required. Once caught, they will not give mercy to you. Fuss later blog if you have high bertraffic, the hard work you've been doing, wiped away because you do carelessness. Better you obey all the rules. Because then your blog is more "safe" to develop. Your credibility as a good blogger was going to wake up. Conversely, if you are fond of breaking rules, it's a bad record you can be a hassle later on your blogging career.

7. Does not interact well with visitors. This is one of the causes of your blog away with the visitors. try the maximum possible for visitors interested in your blog. then your blog will be more crowded and famous.

8. have much hope. for a blogger beginners usually have a lot of blogs with a different topic. but they do not make up his blog. better focus on one blog after the blog first and then the new results seem slightly built other blogs.

9. You lot many work. activities blogging with browsing, chat, content creation etc.. it makes your performance was not optimal.

congratulations and good luck trying ..
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