Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Women Born Hundreds of Diamonds


woman gave birth to hundreds of jewels, she was named Mardona (26), village residents Bonto Baddo, District of North Bangkeng pods, Takalar District, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
The incident occurred in September and a new but popular after three days. after 9 months of age
pregnant step.
She says:  

"While awaiting the birth of my first baby that came out instead of hundreds of colorful gemstones various types and forms," ​​said Hartina at his residence, on Wednesday (10/05/2011).
Hartina newly married a year ago, claimed to experience strange events before birth gemstone. He had a dream saw a light come out of the mouth of her womb.
After the dream, the 26-year woman had been hit. At that time he also directly memeriksan content. But after examination, the doctor said that babies in the womb Hartina gone.
"Hearing the doctor, the baby in the womb does not exist, then I do not believe it. Not long after came out the jewels of grains in my womb. But I did not immediately tell the family, including husband's embarrassment. Because the number had grown a lot, finally I tell the family, "said female civil servants (PNS) in this Takalar District Health Office.
He claimed initially that comes out of her womb diamonds totaling 1 point but later grew to hundreds and varied colors. he's still in shock about what happened to him.

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