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Tips to Maximize Your Website With Google Adsense


Google adsense has undergone a policy change from year to year. google adsense but remains one of the favorite pay per click services. other than that google adsense is very easy to adopt if we follow all aturanya. How do I make our web site is compatible with google adsense? I have some tips and tricks that you can use to optimize google adsense before and after your website has good traffic;

Maximizing our imagination to imagine using google adsense.
before you use adsense you must know the rules of adsense. if you are standing stately in your website and you are violating adsense tos adsense then ended the relationship with your website or blog. you have a 50-50 chance to succeed or fail. you must be alert and work well to manage your website or blog.

to build the site prepared and designed using adsense there are several steps:

1. Focus On Content.
you have to focus on your content, not just focusing but also interesting. It will keep visitors coming back later on. try that has a niche topic Conten

2. Be In Good Company.
Google places value on the type of Web site links you have. The better the links, the higher your website. Think of it as getting a thumbs up sign from recognizable and respected people in your industry. This, despite the fact that you are not as famous as their own. Once Google reviews your website for Adsense, they will find excellent links and let you run the quality of Adsense ad.

3. use key words Make More Money.
keyword 5yen most cost but the cost you pay per click visitors can get $10-$20% per click. You can imagine if you have 1,000 visitors clicking on ads 5% you will get more money.

4. Follow the policy of google adsense / adsense TOS
google adsense have rules such as language, content, click, etc.. You can read it on your adsense policy.

5. Optimize Your Website.
you can optimize your website. one of which you can create your own articles without copy and paste, because google prefers new posts are frequently published than an article.

6. join a niche websites that have the same topic,.
it will trigger your website become more relevant and have an interest in the same field. they are also more likely to click on your ad because it has a similar hobby or topic. good luck ...
good luck ...

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